Carlos Gonzalez (CAE) is presenting a new creative proposal which leverages his experience as founder of La Marca Estudio, based in Caracas (2005 - 2010), and MASA Collective, also based in Caracas (2001-2004). He incorporates new graphic concerns and trends that the Graphic Arts are contemplating at the present time, and refreshes their imagery without losing sight of the graphic and conceptual objectives that have motivated throughout the years.
CAE’s work has been mentioned, exhibited and published nationally in events and publications such as Pulso 2001 "Especial de Diseño Venezolano" (Special Venezuelan Design Show) and Complot Magazine.
International exposure includes Designiskinky (Australia), Tómala (Ecuador) and magazines such as XLR8R and Playboy Spain. CAE has collaborated in projects such as Fourskination (Singapore) and in design projects for artists like Trece, Vagos y Maleantes, Belica, Los Cacri and the Hermanos Monteverde, among others.
While with MASA Collective, CAE was a key team member in charge of creating, designing and editing the Book+CDROM project "LATINO, América Gráfica" published by DGV (Die Gestalten Verlag) of Berlin, Germany, in 2002. Along with the DGV publishing house, he participated in creation of the book Los Logos.
Another important project in which Masa Collective was invited to participate in was the design and set-up process of the "LATINO, I Want to Believe" show that was part of the presentation to Latin America of the book LATINO. This event was funded by the Spanish Consulate in Venezuela, and took place in the prestigious Sala Mendoza in Caracas, on April 24, 2003. That same year MASA Collective was invited to the XI Eugenio Mendoza Arts Prize. In addition, MASA Collective was selected by VASAVA to represent Venezuela at the “PLACE” project, a show at the Center for Contemporary Culture (CCCB) of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), of Barcelona, Spain, which was funded by Caroche Jeans. To this event, they had the honor of being invited as featured speakers.
In 2005 along with Alvaro Bustillos he founded La Marca, a studio based in Caracas. They were invited to Designmai Internationales Design Festival 2007 in Berlin, Germany and presented “My Ten Commandements” project which was also on exhibit in Estudio 68 Caracas during 2008. That same year they also participated as a team at the Escala Mural Exhibition at Sala Mendoza. In addition, they participated in the publication “LOS LOGOS 4” with DGV (Die Gestalten Verlag) of Berlin, Germany.
In 2009 they formed part of “PIMP MY NIKE” project - Aereolinea Creativa Caracas , Venezuela, and were invited as special guests to the BURLE MARX 100 Exhibition - Periférico Caracas, Oficina#1 - Caracas, Venezuela. 2009. Their work was once again published by DGV (Die Gestalten Verlag) in los LOGOS 5 COMPASS.
2010 CAE founded La New Era as well as initiated personal multidisciplinary projects that focus on POP culture, such as “Sur17”, which develop graphic solutions to communicational challenges, regardless of the format that each project may require. “Sur17” is dedicated to creating and executing commercial projects, including corporate images, publications and printed work.

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